That Feeling (YEG)

Over the past many months Lazina and I have talked about what NP has meant to us, the challenges/silver linings of the past year, and our excitement in seeing our community. As the idea of a return to in-person workouts becomes an actual reality, I can’t help but get excited about the smallest of things: The feeling of the minute before calling “Alright its 6am bring it in.” The drive to catch the person in front of me on the hill. The feeling of giving encouragement and how it positively affects my mood. The bouncing between conversations after a workout, making sure to talk to that person I haven’t seen in a while. The undeniable freedom to act like a kid again. The fun. Honestly I am just excited to feel like I am having fun in a way that I just haven’t been able to replicate over the last year.

Do you feel this? These intangible feelings that you know you can survive without but nonetheless you want all the same. I can say with certainty that the space where the magic can happen is coming back. No its not this week but it is so close.

Here are a few details of our plan that I can talk about:

1) Plans can change. We are all adults and we all know that this is new and we want you to know that we will do everything that we can to make an in-person outdoor workout as safe as possible. If something isn’t working or if we need to adapt then we will, without hesitation.

2) The come back to in-person workouts will be staggered. E.g. in week 1 will have only have one NP workout. In week 2 will only have one NP workout. In week 3 we’ll assess how things are going and potentially add another NP workout. We’ll continue to come back in waves, adapting as needed.

3) We will have a self imposed contact tracing form. We do not want to police you, but we will provide a means of allowing us to contact you if we become aware of any concerns during a past workout that you attended (form to be released at a later date).

4) There’s a new waiver in town – if you haven’t signed this updated version, please do so here:

We are cautiously optimistic and hopeful that with care, consideration, and respect the return of in-person NP workouts can be a reality. In consideration of those vulnerable populations, the partially vaccinated community members, and children who cannot get the shot we will make sure that our next steps are done as safely as possible.

Thank you for staying with us. and thank you to our health care workers for keeping our community safe. Our thoughts are with those who have lost someone during this time. We grieve and remember on our own and we will grieve and remember together soon.

Keep being awesome,


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