Canada Day 2021

I’m fairly certain that you’ll likely never come across someone who is more proud of where they are from. My parents left apartheid in South Africa and came to Canada from to provide their family with a better opportunity. I’m proud and grateful that they did as it has provided me with so many amazing opportunities. 

But today July 1, 2021 I’ll enjoy my day. But I won’t be celebrating. 

Does it feel right to have a party, while my neighbours are having a funeral? The answer should be obvious, but I’d encourage you to read November Project’s Community Agreements and ask yourself that question as you do. This is how we can create stronger communities beyond early morning workouts. 

Does this mean I am cancelling Canada day? Does this mean I’m not Canadian? Not at all. I’m not going to stop loving hockey, poutine and maple syrup. 

I’m going to try something different this year. I’m going to choose to use this time to mourn with my Indigenous neighbours. Instead of saying the phrase that no one truly ever means – “let me know if there’s anything I can do” – I’m going to go support my Indigenous friends by supporting their businesses, learning about their culture and finding ways how I can help create opportunities for them. The businesses, places for learning and calls to action already exist. It’s just a matter of taking it upon myself to go and do something. I would encourage you to find a way to support your neighbour too. 

Nadim Chin

November Project Board of Directors Edmonton, AB

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