That Definitely Didn’t Work (YEG)

November Project Me did not go over so well. I tried to work out on my own this morning, but the tribe wouldn’t let me. Everyone still showed up, along with a bunch of newbies. They also ran along side me as we conquered the Royal Glenora Stairs multiple times. Apparently, I’m not allowed to workout on my own anymore. The tribe has spoken. November Project Me is no longer. We are back to being November Project Canada.


April 25th – 7pm – MEC – November Project Recruitment Extravaganza – Yes, I said extravaganza, because that’s what it will be! We are going to run rampant through the store and it will be awesome. Wear your grassroots gear, get your discount, and get a 2 for 1 on the next MEC race. At 9pm, we will head to a yet-to-be-named fountain where we will drink coloured water, tell tales of days gone by and make lasting memories. One more thing, we will be making a Gigantosaurus Rex sized announcement that day.

See you at the hill on Friday! 6am. Be on time, just like today.

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