This Way To The Rock Show- San Francisco

After the April Project truth was revealed and Kenny Wong was exposed to be the writer, creator and all around funny man behind it, the tribe began to question the authenticity of all the blog posts. Does Kenny Wong control all social media? Does he write every blog post? Do Laura and Clayton conference call Kenny every Tuesday night to learn what the workout is for the next morning? Does he write the “script” for the “rock show” we put on every Wednesday pre workout? (Record scratch).

The rock show?

In the words of Donald Clayton, “If the pre-workout announcements were scripted then that would be the most poorly written script ever created.” Sometimes we don’t even use real words. Sometimes I look at Clayton and with my eyes say “WHAT THE FUCK IS THE WORKOUT FOR TODAY? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? WHY DO THEY LISTEN TO US?”

Then I realize that you’re not listening and my blood pressure goes down. And we carry on with a workout full of jumping and awkward transitions.


Friday Hills: 6:23 AM, North China Hill, Powell and Vallejo, beautiful sunrise, don’t miss it

Saturday: Check out the facebook page RACE THE TRAIN/RACE THE MCCLAYTON. Follow the instructions. Get ready to be famous.

Sunday: Many NPSFer’s are racing the RnR 1/2 marathon and we will be cheering along the course! Find us!


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