Thanks for the Lightning, Girl (BOS)

During this time of virtual workouts and distanced life, we’ve found that doing things a little differently at NP_BOS workouts is not only necessary, it’s also important in continuing to create the kind of feeling that NP has always been about. Fun, a little weird, close, connected, united, challenging, surprisingly hard but worth it… those old familiar things that somehow feel easier to create and experience in person… but that aren’t lost over our screens if we keep them alive.

Were it a “normal” Monday workout, in person, we’d likely give Liv Klawiter, aka “Lightning Girl” a big hug when she showed up, we’d make sure she feels seen and special as she does the workout, and then when the workout is over, we’d make a big deal about her birthday by bringing her up in front of everyone, having the group call out “HI LIGHTNING GIRL!” and then singing happy birthday to her while we hoist her up in the air and crowd surfing her along the fingertips of the amazing community that makes up NP Boston.

Today, there were no hugs available, no simple glances or quiet whispers about how much better at burpees she is than her dad, no easy, in-person way to make her feel special without possibly diminishing the experience for everyone else. But precisely because of these times, because of these limitations, because this community continues to be strong and fun and weird and united…we made it all about Liv’s birthday today. We brought a stroke of lightning to everything we did, and I’m pretty certain that we’re all better for it.

The workout was still focused, good, and hard. But it included skipping, and singing, and the Lightning Girl Lottery, where you hoped like heck that you ended up in her breakout group so you could be one of the lucky few to sing Happy Birthday to Liv all while doing 2 min of plank. Each regular round of exercises also had a LIGHTNING ROUND of the same exercises, so we did them faster and with no rest…and even the last “Lightning Round” had it’s own Lightning Round.

And then, before we all went on with our days and took our group photos, we took a moment to ask Liv about celebrating her birthday with NP. The first time she did it, was the day she turned 5 years old. She told us today how she remembers getting lifted up on BG’s shoulders and how it was a little scary to be so high, but also pretty cool to the that tall–and it was sweaty being on his shoulders. And each year since then, Liv has had the opportunity to get a little older in the midst of a whole bunch of sweaty, tall adults who support and love her and her family. So today, we asked her family: mom Erika, dad Eric, and younger twin sisters Sylvie & Freya to help us do what we’ve always done–first to get her really sweaty (thanks Eric for putting your sweaty buff right in Liv’s face)…and then to hoist her up overhead while we all sang Happy Birthday to her.

Maybe it’s a little thing, but today, in the midst of all the other stuff happening (and NOT happening) in the world, it felt really, really good to celebrate Liv, to feel that lightning and energy from being excited about her, and to keep a powerful tradition alive. We may have to do it a little differently, but we’re still going to do it. For Lightning Girl, and for all the rest of us too. #NP_Continues

challenges continue too

WEEK 4 of #NPBOS_Challenge is this:

  • We’re making NPtv fitness music videos (I know, right?!) We’re 4 weeks in, we’re stepping up the challenge and we KNOW you can rise to it!
  • You can use any video format you want: regular video, IG, Tik Tok…anything at all.
  • Take one of the songs we suggest or pick any of your own:
    • Tootsie Slide (by drake)
    • Jump Around (house of pain)
    • Cupid Shuffle (by ???)
  • Do a single fitness movement, multiple movements…whatever feels right…and pair up your fitness moves with the music, capture on video and share with the world!
  • Tag @novemberprojectbos and use #NPBOS_Challenge & #NP_Continues. (Whispering “N…P…Continues” is totally, totally optional.)
  • Please refer to our IG stories (there’s a highlight there for reference) to see an example of this madness…@ericklawiter was the inspo for this challenge and he’s got some gold already made.

Keep moving friends. Keep changing the world! Next workout

view today’s workout if you missed it

we recorded the workout today, so join in if you missed it, you’ll also need password: 6L%YAs+w

Full description:

Round 1: 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off x 8 minutes

alternate each “on” between Jumping Jacks / Skipping

Lightning Round 1: 10 seconds each alternating between the two exercises, for 1 min. no rest.

PLANK for 2 min (sing happy birthday to Lightning Girl to entertain you)

Round 2: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off x 6 minutes

rotate each “on” between Burpees, Jump Squats, Pushups

Lightning Round 2: 10 seconds each rotating between the 3 exercises for 1 min. no rest.

PLANK for 2 min (sing happy birthday to Lightning Girl to entertain you)

Lightning round: 10 seconds on, 10 seconds off x 6 minutes

cycle through all exercises for 10 seconds “on”: side-to-side hops, lunges, I’m a star jumps, bicycles, V-ups, crunches.

Lightning round of Lightning round: 10 seconds of each exercise, rotating through twice for total of 2 minutes, no rest.

PLANK for 2 min (sing happy birthday to Lightning Girl to entertain you)

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