#SeenOnMyRun (YEG)

We miss all of you so much and wanted to do a special workout together on the holiday. We’ll all find a way to connect virtually, and do the same workout, at the same time, in separate locations.

Date: Monday May 18th
Time: 7:00am -8:10am
Location: Anywhere outdoors

7:00am – On our Instagram Story, we’ll post a list of 10 things you’ll need to find on your run/ride/walk. Your starting point is wherever you are.  

7:01am – You have 59 minutes to find as many things on the list as possible and take a picture of it. Everything must be found outdoors. 

8:00am – Workout ends and you should be back at your starting point. 

8:02am – We’ll gather on Zoom using the following link for the group photo, birthdays and a game of What’s In The Bag?!

8:10am – Optional Social – We’ll leave the room open for some socialization after where you can share your photos and any fun stories from your adventure.

Rules: Please obey physical distancing guidelines and restrictions that are in place.

Find the Good

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