Terrible Twos? Nah, Terrific Twos! (SD)


2 years ago, a small group of neon clad humans celebrated our first official workout as a November Project tribe. Since then we’ve seen so many things: engagements, marriages, babies, new people come, old friends leave, new jobs, new loves, old fears left behind, new friendships born, and a sharp increase in the happiness levels of humans in San Diego.

2 years is a small period of time in the grand scheme of things and the changes you’ve helped make in your lives, your friends/family/neighbor/coworkers lives, and in your community is massive, impressive, and amazing.

From the bottom of our 2 year old hearts – THANK YOU. For showing up each and every week with neon clothes and smiles on your faces – ready to hug and sweat. You guys make this movement possible. It wouldn’t exist without you.

So enjoy the rest of your birthday – eat all the cake, drink all the juice boxes, and watch as many cartoons as you want. YOU’RE TWO!!


Be happy, be strong, be bright San Diego!

Things to Know as a 2 Year Old:

– Continue the birthday celebrations with #NPyoga: Friday, 7-8AM, Practical Karate, by donation! Wear #grassrootsgear. And #justshowup.

– Thank you for signing waivers today. If you haven’t, we will bring them every workout. You all need to sign them once. Or sign up for the Tracker

– #betterthanbedtime is coming! Sunday 11/8. Time TBA. Location TBA. Theme TBA. Just mark your calendars now.


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