we waived, and found the funk

“Uptown Funk you up, Uptown Funk you up”
Hello Tribe!! Another fantastic morning for us yet again – we are blessed!

WE (Graham and I ) are sooooooo pumped by the amazingness that is this group of activators and motivators. Each and every one of the amazing smiling faces that showed up today made an impact. Some mornings are hard… yes even for us leaders. But when 100 smiling happy faces show up and talk and laugh and hug and then really wake up by singing to each other it gives everyone the energy they need to start the day.

Graham and I constantly have to tone ourselves down when we get to real life after workouts because we forget that the rest of the world has not gone to workout with the rest of you, and let’s face it, they are just not ready for the day yet.

Thank you for making today amazing… before the sun came up.Mr.November

From Melissa:Things heard at NP today

“Balls in your ass?!”
“I’m going to make so much fun of you”
“It smells like poop” “Actually, it smells like old cheese”
“When you pass someone, yell ‘Fuck yah!'” “Fuck yah fuck yah fuck yah fuck yah fuck yah fuck yah fuck yah”
“Now we know who the big spoon is…”
“I have a prize for you” “You came out of no where and you’re unzipping your shirt…”
“The boob is lit up!”
“November PROject …” “PROject?” “Yes, PROject”

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