Sprints and Beer (Not Shots & Squats)..

You know what goes well with killer workouts? Beer. And with the #Sixer, that’s exactly what you get.


This morning was warm, about 20 degrees warmer than the beginning of Friday’s workout. However, in Minneapolis winter is just around the corner once we hit October and so as a warm up we practiced a move that will help keep us warm in the frozen winter months. In Minnesota we’re known to be “nice” but our hugs certainly don’t show it. So, to fix this issue, we practiced giving full-frontal bear hugs. None of that side-hug bullsh*t where you only use one arm and your hips touch instead of getting that full-on embrace. After the tribe gave out 3 good hugs to 3 tribe members they didn’t know, the bounce ensued and then a quick warm up to the bottom of our original hill.

The #Sixer isn’t anything new for #NP_MSP but there’s a reason why we sprinkle it in in here and there in between new workouts and other classics. It’s always hard. Tribe members lined up at the bottom of the hill and when Ben called out the countdown…3, 2, 1…GO! We all were off, sprinting up to the top of the hill, respectfully touching the 35W Bridge Memorial, and then powering back down to the bottom to do box jumps/step-ups, dips, and hot-footed lizards.  We completed 6 of these circuits starting each one after 5 minutes had passed. The hill itself only takes part of the time to climb up so really it’s the strength moves that get you in this workout.



After the last set was completed, the tribe made its way back to the morning meeting spot in between Mill City Museum and the Guthrie Theatre for some announcements and a family photo.

Congrats to George Siedlecki for winning the positivity award this morning after beasting his last hill rep! Great job new tribe member Simone for winning the lumberjack award during her first NP workout!



And finally..GOOD LUCK to our ray of sunshine RACHEL WHITE! She’s running her first marathon this weekend in DC! Send positive vibes her way!

See you Friday at the UMN boathouse, 6:27am. See you next week at the Mill, 6:27am! That is all! PEACE!

–          Holly & Ben

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