Teammates & Secret Handshakes (PHL)

Friday = Hills y’all – Every Friday – all of the Lemon Hills.

This morning we broke the tribe down into teams of two. Each teammate ran in opposite directions and when they met up along our loop they shared a secret handshake, and 2 x 2 hoisties. First meet up 2, second – 4, third – 6 hoisties and so on.
There were some seriously rad secret handshakes and the vibe this morning was off the hook! Something must be in the water here in the PHL – or maybe we’re just stoked about the follow up to this #runningmanchallenge TEASER vid that Sierra is putting the final touches on because it is going to blow your minds later today!! *gauntlet

We whisper sang (in Spanish) HBD to Brad (even though his bday isn’t until next Monday?)

Liz P. gave the Hard Hat to her first choice this week – Lindy! Congrats girl – so well deserved. IMG_7759

You guys earned your weekend today. Keep that vibe alive and strong throughout all of your days!
Be the light that we all need. Have an amazing Friday, Saturday, Sunday…


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