Team Biathlon (YYZ)

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, but that comes around every year. On the other hand, we are blessed with the Winter Olympics just once every four years. And so, that took precedence as the theme for this week’s workout. With just two workouts left before I retire, Michelle and Dan agreed to leave the workout planning up to me – I assume they reasoned that there was a limit to how much I could fuck things up.

I immediately went to work, and the Team Biathlon was born. One part November Project workout, one part snow sport, one part carnival game, the Team Biathlon pitted coleader against coleader, and team against team, in an epic battle of speed, endurance and accuracy. We’re talking stair sprints, we’re talking squat jumps, we’re talking balls, we’re talking penalty burpees. Team Dan-gerous emerged the victors, with a slim winning margin of two points. Team Mich-chievous showed remarkable loyalty to their unlucky leader, and opted to complete the full burpee forfeit with her. In hindsight, the forfeit was not as fierce as it should have been.

Next week, we go again. Same time, same place, new challenge. Team Dan-gerous and Team Mich-chievous will ride again. Old rivalries will be dredged up, fresh ones will be sparked, and maybe, just maybe, heroes will emerge.



  • In case you missed it, Sam will be retiring next Wednesday. Just show up to make sure he really does leave.
  • Evening social. To celebrate something. See social group for event details.
  • Buffs. In case you missed the hints in our Instagram story, buffs have now arrived. Please show up to a workout to collect yours if you ordered one (and don’t forget your $5). Also show up if you didn’t order one but want to get your hands on one of the few extra ones that we ordered. Also show up even if you couldn’t care less about buffs but love free fitness.
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