Decisions, Decisions…(YEG)

What to write about today?

I could be totally predictable and write a Valentine’s Day-themed blog posts where I talk about how we are a community that shares love every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and you don’t have to pay a cent to show that you care.

I could also write about my bounce idea that was vetoed during our 5:58 am bounce brainstorm session. I still think RED-LOVE-PINK-CUPID chanting would have gone a long way to motivate and inspire you all before tackling the stairs this morning.

I could also go for the safe weather-themed blog and comment on the fact that usually, you need to take a flight to experience a temperature swing of 30 degrees. From badge-earning blistering cold to slip-sliding zero degrees.

I could also use today’s blog post to hype Monday’s workout that will fall into the legacy territory, likely behind the wedding but right alongside our Fort Edmonton Park and Dragon Boating adventures. The Family Day workout is one not to be missed!

After careful consideration, I am not going to elaborate on any of these because I have to get to work! It is fan appreciation night for our Senior Boys and Girls basketball teams…GO STING GO!

#justshowup 6AM

Friday – Walterdale Hill

Monday – TBA but plan to be there slightly longer than our usual 30 minutes.

Until next time…SMILE!


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