TBT to Wear Orange Wednesday – (PHL)

Coming together as a community is huge. Be it for fitness, for friendship, sharing ideas, supporting a cause etc. Brining people together for a common goal is a pretty wonderful thing.

Yesterday we brought a gaggle of humans together to get fit. We used a shared workout from the greater community that is November Project – our friends over at NP_DEN. Called 1.2.3. – Tribe members each grabbed a partner while running suicides on The Stpes. Then team member A ran up and down and up and down the steps – while team member B performed 1 push-up and 1 sit-up, then 2 push-ups and 2 sit-ups, counting up until they were tagged out and B ran while A did the circuit. For an added bonus when the megaphone sounded the alarm, we switched partners and kept on rolling.

The workout was rounded out with some boy/girl burnout sprints and all went home happy and healthier than they were when they woke up in their cozy beds.

Yesterday we brought a group of humans together to build community and make social connections.

We also brought a large amount of humans together to support MS awareness for #wearorangewednesday – One of our solid – there since the beginning and nearly every work out now – members, Katy, asked on the BB for the tribe to wear orange in support of MS awareness week. I took it upon myself to share this out though out socials as MS has a special meaning, a special motivation in me that has changed my life forever for the better. The long and short of it is that as a 29 year old I was treated for early symptoms of MS and encouraged by my doctors to exercise regularly to help manage these symptoms. That year I started running. A change in my daily life that lead me to so many wonderful friends, a generous community and eventually the inception of November Project Philadelphia. Unlike many others, I was not later diagnosed with MS. I am grateful for the scare, I am humbled by it (as well as by all of you) and I am thankful that these symptoms were misleading, however, the life changing affects will always be a part of me and my outlook on fitness and life. With that said – this isn’t about me – so I asked Katy Frank to give us a little bit of info about MS and MS Awareness Week. Thank you Katy, for all you do and as always, for being you. This is what she sent:

Thank you for taking part in Wear Orange Wednesday as part of National MS Awareness Week! MS is a chronic disease of the central nervous system with no known cause or cure. In the Greater Delaware Valley chapter, there are more that 15,000 people living with MS. This spring our chapter has 20 walk events, Preakness at the Piazza and Muckfest MS and much more. To get involved with our events on a team or as a volunteer, visit moveforms.org. Until 3/13 registration for Bike MS: City to Shore and Bike to the Bay is $35 with the code MSAW. Maybe there could even be a November Project bike team?! Additionally, the discount code NMSS16 will take 10% off tickets for Preakness at the Piazza through the month of March. Thank you again for helping us to create a world free of MS.

Thank you tribe for being a community, of fitness, or friends, of ideas and of support – Thank you for supporting MS Awareness Week by simply wearing orange yesterday. Take a look at the events Katy shared, and if you like, get further involved!

Thanks for being you!!

See y’all tomorrow up on Lemon Hill.



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