Tales from Nadim's Living Room (YEG)

It has only been 6 workouts, but it feels like an eternity. I’m really curious as to how everyone’s dealing with this transition to being stuck inside our own homes.

Here’s what’s been happening on my end:

We made a frozen pizza for dinner, and when Dayle put the plate in my hand, her instructions were “don’t burn your face!” Well, I immediately tried to eat the pizza and a piece of cheese fell off onto my lip and burned it. Yup. I burned my face. This really shouldn’t be out of the ordinary for me, but I’m going to blame it on self-isolation. It has thrown everything way off.

I’ve been drinking chaga. What is chaga? I think it’s a mushroom, but all I can think about when I drink it (it’s a chaga/coffe mix) are trains. Chaga chaga chaga chaga chaga choo choo!

I’m still waking up earlier than I’d like to be. My body must still be adjusting to not waking up. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I haven’t had any nightmares about sleeping through November Project.

I’m not sure if I should share this next part, but I’m going to anyways. You know how people have been buying so much toilet paper? Well, I’m going through toilet paper faster than I ever have. I have no explanation for it, but I’m starting to understand why people want so much of it.. Actually maybe I don’t understand yet.

Another fascinating thing to me, is what’s available in the grocery store. Eggs, GONE… Almond Milk… FULLY STOCKED… Flour… GONE…. Butter GONE… Organic foods… FULLY STOCKED… I am finding it fascinating to see what people are and aren’t buying. Oh and I definitely accidentally didn’t go to the grocery store when it was open for the vulnerable. Definitely didn’t do that by accident.

On the fitness end, I’ve gone on a few runs now. I also tried a live yoga class. The connection kept dropping, and I kept getting stuck in tough poses for way too long. I really need to fix my internet. On the plus side, the savasana basically went forever, because the connection just cut out for me. Maybe I won’t fix my internet.

One more tale from my living room for today, I am taking frequent visits to my balcony, and the game I’ve created for myself is to see if anyone in the neighbouring buildings are on their balcony. I’m hoping that if I see anyone, I’ll wave and they’ll wave back. Stay tuned. No one has been on their balcony yet.

Up next: I might start taking ukelele lessons. Any suggestions on what else I could do? I’m contemplating taking Yale’s Wellness course on Coursera.

Also, really hoping to have more baked goods in my life.

Shoutout to Lazina who is hosting the Monday workouts on Zoom for everyone!

Anyone have any good stories of how they’re managing self-isolation?

Find the Good,

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