BIN-let's-GO! (CHI)

April push-ups bring May burpees?!

This is a unique time for NP Chi. Our workouts are a little different than our outdoor weatherproof environment. Everyone misses the hugs and bounces and in-person energy, but you all keep the positivity going through our virtual workouts, Zoom coffee , and beyond. Truly, you all make up an amazing community that I’m so proud to be a part of. 

With every challenge comes opportunity, and for Kaitlyn and I, this time has led us to–er, FORCED us to–plan our workouts differently, while aiming to keep things fun.   During this past week’s Sunrise 6K challenge between NP Baltimore and NP Chicago, 144 members recorded results, 77 from NP Chi alone, which is incredible! Time and pace were not important, per se, though we hope you found it motivating to get outside and challenge yourself. 

For the month of April, our ‘outside of the box’ fitness challenge translates to, ironically, 25 small squares. Wait… what?! We’re going to try something new, call it NP Chi Fitness Bingo. Here’s how it works:

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook and starting April 1st each day at 6am we’ll draw one of the twenty-five exercises and post it to our story. The exception being Wednesday and Friday in which we’ll announce after our workout that day. The only way to earn your spot on the bingo board is to complete the exercise in those first 24 hours.  This is NOT like Abvember when you can go back and make up missed exercises from a week ago. The story disappears after 24 hours, so make sure not to miss it! Let us know when you have Bingo! If more than one winner emerges from that day, we’ll hold a drawing. Some of the exercises we’ll demonstrate on the Facebook event, found here

And since it’s fitness bingo, there really isn’t a “free” space. Rather, to earn that center-square, you must traverbal to any other November Project city’s virtual workout. A schedule of the participating cities workouts can be found here: . Let’s use these rare circumstances  as an opportunity to explore at least one other NP city!

To participate, message us via Facebook, Instagram, email, text, call, or carrier pigeon, and we’ll send you a Bingo board! Starts this Wednesday, April 1. We hope this lasts most of the month, though we also recognize it’s possible this will be over by the weekend. Like most things NP, let’s just see how it goes!  Brooks swag for winning prize. Any other questions, please ask. 

Y’all good?! Let’s BinGOOOOOOO!

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