Take Your Tribe and This Vibe Wherever You Go

There’s a simple message for all you NP tribe members who have been around for many years, those who have been around long enough, those who are pretty new, and those who paid your membership fees ($0) this morning.

The Tribe is Strong.

The Vibe is Strong.

If this morning can teach us anything, it’s that.  We couldn’t possibly leave the stadium after the intense and electric Relayman workout without feeling the familiar, fatigued shake in our legs and the confident, galvanized excitement in our hearts.  I closed my eyes for  moment this morning while waiting for my partner to arrive at section 11 and I heard yells and cheers, “Whoop!”s and “Come on now!”s, clapping and whistling…the fucking bustle of the stadium as the tribe partners up and gets shit done.  It brought a smile to my face that hasn’t left yet.

Please let this be your homework, your mantra, your mindful practice, or your relentless mission: Take this tribe–this powerful, positive, motivating, encouraging tribe with you as you leave the stadium for all the other parts of your life.  And take this vibe–this energizing, vibrant, loving, positive, inspiring vibe with you everywhere you go.   The world will be filled with positivity and amazing human beings.  That’s what I call #worldtakeover.

See you Friday at the hills.

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