Let’s go to the Zoo

Sometimes you dream up a big idea and when it actually happens the real thing is a thousand times better than you could have ever imagined.  That was this mornings workout in Virginia Beach.  We went to the zoo, well not literally, but the zoo came to us.  This was an idea that I had long before I was ever a co-leader, in hopes that one day I might have the privilege to put on this workout for my tribe of amazing people.  All of the planning, research and prep helped make this one of the best mornings I have ever been apart of at NP VB. read more

WIGGIN’ OUT | Behind The Run

We’ll start by saying, ‘Thank you,’  to all the runners who showed up, donated, volunteered and supported this event that was created on a bar napkin at the ugly duckling after way too many beers.

We’re sure everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer.  It’s a terrible disease, and we wanted to find a way to bring some cheer on the 2018 weekend of World Cancer Day.  For some people, it’s a challenge running in 19 degree weather with tail winds whipping in your face. We had 42 people run, while wearing wigs, outside in that crazy weather. read more

You Did That. (DCA)

Two hundred burpees?

You did that.

50 Lincoln Logs?

You did that.

500 (AND ELEVEN) people at Lincoln?

You did that.

You, yes YOU. I’m saying you, but what I mean is WE. Every person that has ever participated in a workout has contributed to awesome and powerful achievements of the human body and spirit at November Project DC. read more