Let’s go to the Zoo

Sometimes you dream up a big idea and when it actually happens the real thing is a thousand times better than you could have ever imagined.  That was this mornings workout in Virginia Beach.  We went to the zoo, well not literally, but the zoo came to us.  This was an idea that I had long before I was ever a co-leader, in hopes that one day I might have the privilege to put on this workout for my tribe of amazing people.  All of the planning, research and prep helped make this one of the best mornings I have ever been apart of at NP VB.

With the help of my vocally talented co-leader, Bernard & I started the morning off with a little co-bounce  to the likes of “in the jungle, the migthy jungle”.  With the blood flowing, we set the tribe loose into the Zoo.  Exhibits of Inchworms, Frog Jumps, Gorilla Shuffles, Alligator Walks, Donkey Kicks, and Spider Pushups had everyone pushing themselves into a grass coated sweat without even noticing due to the childlike fun everyone was having.  The Crab Walks down the side of Mt. Trashmore required top-notch skill and Bear Crawls back to the top had us digging deep into the badassery reserves.  The Zookeepers, a mighty professional looking team, (Bernard & I) kept the animals moving along and the morale in the zoo at an all time high.  Some tribe members dressed the part for the morning by bringing a little bit of their inner spirit animal to the workout. Looking around at the different costumes and animal props, you couldn’t help but smile.

I hope you all enjoyed this mornings workout just as much as we did.  Our reward each and every morning at NP VB isn’t the calorie burn, it’s in the F-U-N that we get to see you all have.  If you’re not having fun, we are doing something wrong.  Way to show up today, and keep it wild and weird!

~Love Jill

Upcoming & Important Stuff

-This Friday come out to 1st St Jetty at the Oceanfront.  Street parking is available and FREE until 10AM. Get there early or carpool to make sure you have a spot! We’ll stay on the sand, but you can certainly play in the water if you want.  Even though swimming is optional, having fun is not.  See you all there at 5:30am!

-Saturday ASYMCA’s Mud Run: Pre Race bounce near the 7-11 Slurpee truck.  Look for the #grassrootsgear

-Sunrise 6k: This Summers race will be held on the trails at the Norfolk Premium Outlets in partnership with our friend at The North Face.  Join us Sunday August 26th at 800AM for NPVB’s first ever Trail Race.  FB Event page to come!

Tribe-unal Affairs

-We’re kicking off our new and improved social status with the first of our quarterly #npgivesback initiatives starting THIS MONTH!  We’ll be collecting school supplies every Wednesday & Friday in August to donate to Cooke Elementary in Virginia Beach.  All collected donations will be dropped off at Cooke the last Wednesday in August, so please get all school supplies in by Wednesday 8/29.

-Birthday Booms are back and here to stay! Our favorite Rainbow Unicorn, Jennette, created a spreadsheet for tribe member birthdays. Please fill out your info ASAP.  Bonus! The spreadsheet also has columns to fill out if you’re interested in planning/leading the bounce or the burnout on your birthday.

-Race Everything: Running a race and want more tribe member participation? Want to support the tribe by showing up to cheer a friend on? Check out the Race Everything spreadsheet also created by Jennette to fill out all of your upcoming races.

NPVB Bulletin Board  This is where you can find all of the above!

Did you make it all the way through? Good, that means you actually get a reward!  Give Jill or Bernard a slip of paper with your full name, birthday & the phrase “I’m a good reader” for a chance to earn a dope prize. Shhh don’t tell you friends, they have to learn to read the blogs!!!!

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  1. Great post, looks like a lot of fun! I love the energy you bring to the group, Jill!

    I’ll be back on Friday; the kids’ high school sports practices are making the 6:15 hard to get to.

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