Ramps & Triceps (ORL)

After bouncing and welcoming 5 new faces to their first November Project workout, we all dropped to the ground for a muggy push-up session to the beloved 3-minute 27-second song, Bring Sally UP Bring Sally DOWN (Flower by Moby). Arms on fire.

Before anyone had a chance to pass out after a breath-taking opener, fun just begun. “Grab all your things and head to the parking garage!” read more

Call to Duty & Heroism (ORL)

Meet Jose L. Garcia-Aponte.  Member of November Project Orlando, Positivity Award winner, US Armed Forces veteran, Operation Giveback (OGB) founder & CEO.

You will hear him before you see him. Especially if it’s 5:45am Wednesday morning in Orlando, listen for high-tempo salsa music around Lake Baldwin and you’ll eventually run into Jose and OGB friends getting in a few miles before NP ORL bounces. read more

Ninjas: Art of Stealth (ORL)

Silently camouflaged against the sky’s inky backdrop, our warriors set out for specialized covert training.

Our secret techniques to infiltrate Baldwin Park: scale walls and stairs, side-kick + squats, strengthen core with sit-up punches and set fire to our quads with meditative wall-sits. read more

It’s that simple. Just show up.

Words of coleader Travis about our November Project Tribe member & Positivity Award winner Staci:
I am always impressed with how dedicated you are while always keeping an awesome, fun, and snarky attitude! You really are an integral part of this family, and we are extremely glad you’re here! I can’t wait to see what you achieve as you keep pushing your fitness to the next level. read more

moist mushy mush pot

We showed up in the quiet before sunrise to cruise a lap — or, for speedsters, laps — around the dark, glassy lake with high expectations for another breathtaking Wednesday morning. Upon finishing our conversational jog with those conscious enough to talk before coffee, we reconvened at our normal meet spot, greeted two police cars parked nearby (they were fortunately not there for anticipated noise complaints; though, unfortunately for them, they couldn’t join our workout today), and we set up our station-rotation workout with marking the sidewalks in chalk and readying shirts and spray-paint for tagging #grassrootsgear. Then we proceeded to yell mushy mush pot. No story there. read more

Turty Tree! (Irish for 33)

That. Just. Happened.

33 people showed up to the 33rd NP Tribe’s 33rd free workout. AND 33 happens to be Dave Camous’s favorite number.

We celebrated …by hugging, running, planking and with wheel-barrel push-ups of course!!!

Full muscle fiber workout designed by mastermind co-leader Travis: everybody side-shuffle to dock #1 >> v-tuck core exercise x10 >> side-shuff back >> run to dock #2 for 1-minute (or however long) plank (Cc: NP_SEA) >> sprint/race someone up the ramp >> find a partner, grab their ankles and squat x10 while they do 10 push-ups; there you have a wheel barrel push up (pictured above) or opt for 10 fuck-yeah push-ups >> repeat! read more

Just show up (albeit with your posse/entourage!)

World, meet Hung. A pillar Tribe member of November Project Orlando (outfitting Wednesday mornings with lights/yoga mats/exercise gadgets), we are honored to have him carry the Positivity Award this past month and share his story. Thank you, Hung, for showing up! Here we go:


Positivity doesn’t seem to match my personality. I may have a positive outlook but I am more of a defensive pessimist. I prep for obstacles and contingencies while continuing to move forward. (Ask me offline for examples of my just-in-case planning). I am working on being more equanimous — enjoying the highs and embracing the lows but not dwelling on either. read more

Oar-lando: Positivity Award

They show up.

They not only push themselves with cold, logical determination, they carry the rest of the tribe to higher altitudes of greatness. Every encounter with them leaves you encouraged, happy really.
Infectious positivity, quiet or loud, others notice their hearts of gold.

Many of our Tribe members embody this character, and we are lucky to have you show up with us each Wednesday.  read more