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The pandemic continues and the guidance from the governor still limits outside social gatherings to 25 people or fewer.  So for now, we still love to see you pushing yourself, running, burpeeing, whatever, and staying fast and fit.  We will be back together again.  Eventually.  To help prepare for that eventuality, sign the new waiver.  And when we get back together, we want to make sure everyone is looking fresh.  We haven’t tagged shirts in a long time.  You know why.  Let’s fix that.

On July 18th we will be collecting light colored shirts to get tagged.  We will have three drop off locations.  On July 19th you can pick up your freshly tagged shirt.  The following Friday (July 24th) we will have a special #NewTagWorkout, and a Zoom Social/Talent Show/Beverage Tasting/Hangout.  More details to come on the workout and the social, but mark your dang calendars.

Drop off/Pick Up Locations (12 pm until 4pm on July 18/19):

  • Saint Paul Spot
    953 Iglehart Ave
    Saint Paul, MN 55104
  • North Spot
    3558 Irving Ave North
    Minneapolis, MN 55412
  • Uptown Spot
    2639 Colfax Ave South
    Minneapolis, MN 55408

Some more details:

  • All of the drop sites will have a box for your shirt.  The box will be clearly labeled.  Put your shirt in there.  For pickup, it’ll mostly be the reverse.  
  • All of the shirts are going to be tagged with the November Project stencils and the MSP spoon and cherry tag, no exceptions.
  • If your shirt already has a tag, it will get retagged/refreshed.  If you have only the November Project, or only the MSP tag, the other will get added.  
  • Light colored shirts only
  • Label your shirt with your name and where you want to pick it up (StP, North, Uptown)
  • One shirt per person
  • Yes, you can drop off/pick up shirts for someone else
  • If you or your friend does not pick up your shirt, we get to keep it.  It looks good on us, doesn’t it?

See you in the future.

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