Suns Out Guns Out (SMF)

Today we worked out at a new location – River Walk Park in West Sac. Beautiful river views, grassy hills and duck shit … lots of it. No worries we still had a great workout! It’s not like we ate the crap, it was just there so it didn’t make us sick just made us stronger.

Unfortunately, Sacramento is having some major freeway construction so co-leader Chris backed out at the last minute (actually more like 35 minutes before the workout after seeing the news reports of gridlock traffic at 5:50AM). He was too worried about not having enough time to get back to style his hair before the work day. He’s always calling Steph out, so today it’s his turn!

But we did have a new friend join us today, Derrick aka The Guy who just ran the Grand Canyon. Today’s workout was created once again by co-leader Haley which included some stairs to help us shape our Kim Kardashian asses, tricep dips (hey bro you been working on dem tri’s), push ups (to give us the pumped look) and laps around the park (because well running is important).

The Tribe is staying strong & with this new awesome location is hoping to take over Sac! Hey 916ers come out to the workouts … the excuses are running out, time to get your ass out of bed and get to sweating.

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