Circuit of Fire (IND)

Whatwasthat? That, was the Circuit of Fire. Ohh…

The tribe showed up today despite another chilly morning. The south barricade was moved up higher, much to our delight. The tribe warmed up and picked a partner they did not already know. Then the Circuit of Fire began:

Stair cycle

Wheelbarrow up steps

25 leg throwdowns

15 high 5 burpees

20 hoistees

20 low 5 push-ups

Repeat as many times as possible in 20 minutes.

Lungs on fire, core on fire, arms on fire, legs on fire…

It was no joke. Good news, no one puked. That I know of. No worries if you did, puking is okay. No judgment here.

The Positivity Award was awarded to Michelle, a member who has been with us since the pledge. Michelle shows up week after week, no matter what, with her twinkly smile, massive hugs, powerful high 5s and the positivity of leprechauns and rainbows. We are lucky to sweat with her.


FYI—if you left your green camelback water bottle, never fear, I have it.

Next week: PR Day!! Your homework: Bring a shirt to tag. Meet at SOUTH steps.  

Indiana War Memorial 6:25 AM –start time. Show up at 6:15 AM to get your gear tagged.

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