Sunrise & Newbie Day (YEG)

The big important things in life are…….just that haha but it’s the little things I find that ground me – that bring a smile to my face. Stop to the smell the roses, carpe diem etc. etc. One of those ‘little things’ is the sunrise. Not just any, don’t get me wrong there are some beautiful ones out there, but specifically the one that hits the upper deck of Commonwealth stadium.

I don’t know what it is but when its not there it’s the first thing I notice. The heat of the sun and intensity of the workout combine into this mixture of joy for me. Especially in these early days of the summer, it just feels so good.

Next time you are at the stadium try out the upper deck. Notice the: sunrise, the flapping flags, the green paint on your fingers from grabbing the railing so much, the other bodies around you, the cheers, that one really good high five. Notice the little things – take them in.

Not only take it in for yourself but why not share that with someone new. Next Wednesday is Newbie Day. Newbie day is pretty simple, your task is to bring one person that has never come before. You’ve talked about this November Project thing, with family/friends all winter, why not take it to the next level. You have 1 week to reach out to a person and bring them out to Commonwealth next week. Double imaginary points if you can do so with someone random (e.g. office cooler talk , coffee barista, airline attendant etc.).

Yes it can be a bit daunting but you know that feeling; you know the one that made you a little nervous to show up the first time, and you also know the feeling that makes you keep coming back. Let’s see if as a community we can share the little and big things that make this group amazing.

Newbie Day next Wednesday



Friday – Walterdale hill

Keep being awesome,


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