Summit Gear Challenge – #DecemBurnMSP

Welcome to DecemBurnMSP, your chance to earn #Summit8 gear from your friends at November Project, Brooks running, and Knockaround.

November Project Summit 8 Brooks Run Past Dark Cap

Complete 15 or more November Project workouts and activities from our list of 30) while supplies last and you win November Project Summit 8 gear and/or Knockaround sunglasses.

Knockaround November Project Summit 8 Sunglasses

Here are the lists of activities, for at home and outside. Complete ANY 15 activities from either list, and you are in. As you complete activities, track and share your progress on social media using the hashtag #DecemBurnMSP and our DecemBurn tracker.

If you have any questions about activities or locations, you can reach us on social media, or email, or comment on our LiveJournal.

November Project/Brooks Running/Summit8 Buff

When you’ve completed all 15 activities, you can text, email, DM, or add us to your MySpace Top 8 and we’ll get your gear ready for pickup or delivery*.

November Project Summit 8 Reflective Slap Bracelet

*Summit gear can be collected locally via contactless pickup/drop-off in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

November Project, Summit 8, and Brooks Running patches.

Check off the boxes as you make progress and share on social media. Don’t forget to tag us @NovemberProjectMSP

#DecemBurnMSP Social Media Tracker


  1. Complete Workouts/Activities
  2. Track Your Progress
  3. Win Summit8 Gear

Huge gigantic thank you to Dan Adamietz for helping us put this whole thing together.

See you at #virtualcoffee on Wednesday!

With love and fitness,

Em & E Rolf

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