Station 5

Some mornings are easy, some mornings are tough. Some mornings consist of bouncing and leapfrogging and hills and 1-3 word notes. The latter was this morning.


Amidst the changing seasons, the humidity, and the progressive darkness tribe members embraced a hefty serving of #hillsforbreakfast. The workout consisted of:  two hills, 5 stations, games of rock-paper-scissors, and post-it notes. Everyone started out at the bottom of the hill and ran up to station #4 (the top of the 35W bridge memorial hill), ran back down, played a game of rock-paper-scissors with the winner moving down one station (if at #4 move to #3) as their end point and the loser laying down on the ground first and then moving up one station (if at #4 move to #5). At station #2, post-it notes, pens, and a box were used to write 1-3 word notes to describe sisters, love, and relationships. The notes were collected in box to be used for something super  secret that I won’t be revealing in this blog (HAH!).

This format continued for ~25 minutes or so followed by a quick partner burn out sprint at the end. For this portion, partners did 10 partner push-ups, one partner sprinted a quick 100 meter loop while the other partner planked, then 10 more partner push-ups, the other partner sprinted and the tribe planked until everyone finished their relay.

This morning’s positivity award winner, lumberjack extraordinaire, and overall great human being was Scott Pierson. Scott’s acceptance speech as you know was from the bottom of his heart and was truly a product of what we all can do for each other. Thanks to each and every one of you!

Also, check out the new tribes added today to this incredible movement: Amsterdam & London!

Friday: UMN Boathouse stairs, 6:27am. Watch for the pin drop tomorrow!

Sunday 9/11: Power hour workout! Location TBD, 9am. Watch for an event coming out today/tomorrow!

Peace & Love,

Ben & Holly

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