Open Mic open call

NP Tribe, MA Crew-

This upcoming Wednesday, September 14, is going to be pretty cool. In fact, you’re going to want to cancel your other night plans.

On that night, as we’ve mentioned at workouts, TNF is hosting an Open Mic event in their downtown location. BUT… this is not their event. In fact, it is not even Our event (those of us goofballs who talk a lot… sometimes referred to as “leaders”). Truly, this event is YOURS, the tribe and crew members’. It will be shaped by you, feature you, and transcend through you. That’s what makes it cool; that’s where from where it derives its power; that’s from where its beauty emanates: you. We are just providing the conduit and the platform for this to happen.

The same can be said about November Project. And Mountain Athletics. It is nothing of value without the people who #justshowup and share themselves- your sweat, your hugs, your smiles, your stories. And it is for this ladder point that we are holding this event: we want to hear more about you; we want to learn about you; we want to see you in “normal” clothes; we want to know how these fitness communities have added value to your life. We want to know your stories. We see the social media posts… they’re great. And inspiring. And pretty. But there’s something more about hearing these things in-person. Consider this the vocal equivalent to writing a hand-written letter. It’s just … better. Bearing a wisp of reminiscence, this night is a chance to put this talk of “community” into action.

So, if you can be there … you should. In fact, we predict major FOMO if you’re not. Come support your other tribe and crew members. Give them a hug, a smile, your time … your presence.

Better yet … share your story with us.

  • Why do you come in the fog of morning or the dark of night to spend time with NP and MA?
  • What keeps you coming week-after-week, season-after-season?

Let’s face it- sometimes it’s downright miserable out there. But we see you. You’re there. You’re crushing it. And inspiring others. Is your motivation intrinsic? Or something else? We’d love to hear about it. Give a new meaning to the term #verbal.

For submissions, email Kevin ( with your general outline of an idea. We’ll notify you back if you’ll have the honor of getting up there. Use any medium to share your story: poetry, music, spoken word, photos, video. Just let us know your needs and we’ll plan for it.

FB Event Page – Wednesday, Sept 14, 6:30p – 9p

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