Can’t stop, won’t stop this #freefitness movement from growing, both here in Indy and across the world!  As we welcome Amsterdam and London into our (now) 31 tribe family, we made sure to pay homage to the rookies of the group.  After passing the torch with an Icelandic Viking bounce we kept the theme focused on London and Amsterdam.


(We’ve got the whole world in our hands)

Das Wurk:

  • Start on the north stairs with 10 Amsterdams (aka Flying Dutchman aka Jumping Lunges)
  • Run up the stairs to the east side of the memorial where we did Heinekens (High-Knee-Kens) up the eastside.
  • No south stairs, just around the world and straight to the west side where we did “Froggy London-towns” (Frog Leaps) up the west side back to the front.
  • Once back on the north landing we did “Plank Jack-the-Rippers” (10 Plank Jacks) before starting over.
  • See how many times you can go around the world before the whistle blew to end the voyage.

The Notes guvna:

  • Big turnout from the lululemon crew today with double digit participation in the 6:15 workout!! All were newbies and the fit in nicely with our zaniness and crushed the workout.  They even brought a few gift cards for the lucky winner of our Hype….MAN competition at the end.  Thanks lulu!!


(The lulu crew-lu w/Shaw and CaseDawg)

  • It is important to note that frog leaps are different from bunny hops which are different from lizard jumps which are different snake skips. This sounds like the start to an SAT essay question.  “A ‘Baloo’ is a bear, a ‘Younker’ is a young man”.
  • I hate to say this…but the fake British accent game for the newbies was weak today. We will absolutely be working on that.  Admittedly, no matter what accent I am trying to imitate I eventually just end up sounding like Borat, but at least make the effort.  You all will be fucked if we start pledging Russian tribes.
  • Happy B’day Lil’ Brit!!


(Brittney, Birthday Ballerina)

Friday will be on the Canal Walk at the hill behind the Senate Avenue Parking garage.  The closest intersection is Senate and New York.  6am sharp – give yourself time to find parking.

Awesome work today and we will see you Friday!!

  • Shaw
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