Stairs: served Sweaty with a Side of High 5s (IND)

Today we were all over the Indiana War Memorial. All the gold doors were touched. All the stairs were devoured for breakfast. The tribe sprinted between doors and quickly partnered up for High-Five Burpees on the West side and Hoistees on the East side.

On this “sorta cold”, definitely dark morning, that ray of sunshine radiating from the tribe was Jessie. If you have partnered with her you know her vibe and hugs will keep you smiling all day. Congrats on the #PositivityAward. You deserve it!


Next week is Halloween Race Day. You don’t wanna be to only one not in costume. Pair up and try to be more outrageous than your Co-Leaders.

Mugshots Nov 5th, prep your Muggin’ Face.

Thank you for showing up. Keep showing up. And keep recruiting. #3014 #TattooVerbal

And to the rest of the #NP17, you have been Birdmaned.


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