Dial It Up

One of the best parts of being a November Project leader is the time just before the morning workout.  As you watch shadows of people trickle in to Champions Square, at first in singles and doubles and then a flooding of larger groups, you can feel an electricity start to grow.  Inevitably you have the hard core tribe member that show up extra early no matter what the conditions to get a little pre-workout in.  Then just before you hit GO TIME, the masses start to flood down the walkway of champion square with folks coming from every direction ready to get to work.  So many different thoughts go through your head as a tribe leader: Is this workout hard enough?  Is it too tough?  Did I put on a clean shirt? Yeah its clean, so where is that smell coming from?.  It is a great culmination of feeling anxious, happy, and nervous all at the same time.  All of that building up to ….The Bounce.


The workout today was no exception.  The Tribe started out with some bouncing bear hugs and then tackled a lap around the dome and 10  minutes of stairs circuit.  Then to celebrate being back at the dome, we pulled out one of our favorite workouts from the past, The Rotary Dial.


The Rotary dial workout mimics the actions of the old timey rotary phones.  You run to a set gate around the dome, perform the assigned workout for that gate, and return to the beginning.  You continue this working your way around the dome, stopping at different sections to do Hoisties, pushups, and burpees.  To add a little twist to the workout, we armed the 1st timers with noodles at the beginning.  The rule being that if you are hit with a noodle at any point in the workout you must stop what you are doing, perform 5 burpees, and then return to the workout armed with the noodle.  Just a little way to mix it up and gives members a chance to maybe exact a little revenge on other members (This is SEC football country, there is a lot of shit talking this time of year). Then for those who finished early, a little Tabata of air squats.


All in all it was a great day.  We are growing our numbers quickly and we could not be more excited.  Some of that is because of our return to the Superdome, but the main credit has to go to our tribe members who are committed to showing up and bringing new people. Our positivity award winner today embodies that feeling.  Laura has been with us during our location changes and was diligent in helping us work to get back to the superdome.  Laura, from all of us, thank you for being part of our tribe.


PS: Do not forget the Halloween workout a week from Friday at Jackson Square. Also, November 5th is the November Project 3rd birthday.  We will have something good planned so recruit your asses off to bring new people.

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