Stage One: Monday (SF)

By now, many of you have heard that the November Project world lost one of it’s core members, Samantha Dweck, yesterday in a tragic kayaking accident. As we said this morning,  the healing has only just begun, and I can’t begin to gather my thoughts into a  blog post that will do her justice. So I won’t. Not yet.

This morning was exactly what we hoped for, however. An energetic, supportive, down and dirty sweat fest that kept the air light and the feet moving. You all showed up, in more ways than one, and I am thankful I had each and every one of you to hug this morning.

Wednesday: Gather. Sweat. Reflect. We ask  that in true Sam Dweck fashion, you all wear a backwards baseball cap to honor our bad ass friend. Spread the word.  5:30 and 6:30 AM at Alta Plaza Park

Friday: NP YOGA: 6:20 AM, bring your own mat. 45 minute class in the palace of fine arts. Check out fb for more details.

We will be organizing a PM memorial run for Sam this week or next for those who wish to come together during this time. Keep checking in for more details.

*On a lighter note, it should be noted that there was a group photo today. Paddy thought Laura had the memory card. Laura told Paddy he had it. Paddy found it in his pocket after the workout. Group photo was taken with no card. We laughed. Typical Monday AM.

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