You. Yes, You.

Did you #JustShowUp today? Did you Voodoo? Did you walk away with grass in your hair and a fire in your eyes? Did you go home and take a double granola, protein, with sprinkles on top, Acai bowl to the dome and…fuck, you’re still hungry? Did you you leave K. Sessions this morning smiling and slightly delerious? Are you still smiling? You, yes you. You. The badass, unicorn slaying, tough as nails, racing machine. You are November Project. You are also the reason there are no unicorns left…but we won’t hold that against you.

Be Happy. Be Strong. Be BRIGHT SD!

And just incase you were not paying attention – the Super Important, but boring announcements are:

1. #Sunrise6k is NEXT MONDAY. This is a RACE. Meet UNDER the Crystal peir in PB @6:29.


3. 2nd Monday of the month is tagging day, one shirt per person, no exceptions. My brain cells thank you!

4. We love you all.




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