Splish and a little splash (Ottawa)

Every single Wednesday at the stadium so far  we have had warm sunshine wake us up. Today, we had warm rain drops- a shit ton of them, fall at a rapid pace to create an adventurous and exciting workout. We may even call those tribe members bad ass. It’s a badge of honour to look out your window in the pouring rain and grab whatever clothing and equipment you need to brave the storm and still show up. It also becomes the norm. You’re no longer surprised that you show up to the other humans who did the exact same thing. It may not happen right away- if you’re newer and this was the first time you may have had to brave the storm and you decided to turn over and go back to sleep in your warm bed- we still love you, but know you are capable of more. But maybe you didn’t know that we NEVER cancel a workout. Now you know. You now know that you will have others waiting and excited for you to join the badass crew battling the elements. The pictures might even give you a little FOMO. This kind of morning is the weekly battle in the -30 season. This just gave us a taste of what it’s like to be out when nobody is out, to test your body and its limits, to be a badass who shows up, LITERALLY no matter what. It’s a badge of honour and it very quickly becomes the norm and a NBD (no big deal). So next time you have the opportunity to practice for the winter and the dark, do it. You’ll be happy you did and you’ll have others with you too. And it’s ALWAYS a blast leaving knowing you started your day just a little bit differently than your regular days.

We’re proud of you. Thank you for sharing your morning, your energy, your dry skin and your time with us.

Here’s to bringing “Soles” together



  1. Buffs are $5
  2. Next week- Lansdowne- bring your friends because historic VIDEO DRONE FOOTAGE is being taken during stadium stair workouts- you don’t want to miss this

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