Son of a Beaches!

Sons of Beaches!

Oh man, those hills this morning were a son of beach. Between the squat jacks, scissor jumps, sprints, and hill repeats, my quads are beat down!  Luckily, we live in San Diego, and I can stroll down to the beach to kick back, relax, and let my legs recover.  If only we were able to just work out AT the beach, so I could head directly to my beach towel and mimosa immediately after my final burpee…
“Well, wait a minute, Angelo.  Isn’t the theme for August’s #MayhemMondays BEACHES???”
You’re damn right it is!  This month we storm the beaches of San Diego, hugs, sweat, high-fives and all.  They say living near the ocean is good for your health.  Well we’re going to take it one step further and work toward that better, healthier, more fit life, directly ON the beach.
And to make things interesting, let’s grow this party even BIGGER.  The more the merrier, right!?  So, each week we’ll have a little recruiting challenge for you all.  That means making personal connections.  Some real human interaction!  This week: COWORKERS.  Bring that coworker that’s been saying she’s going to go but always seems to have an excuse.  No more excuses!  We’re going to the beach.  Who doesn’t love the beach!?
NPSD, each one of you has helped to build this tribe, grow this community, and spread that dose of positivity San Diego is always hungry for.  Everyone deserves a piece of the pie, and at November Project, we’re offering up big ‘ol slices for FREE!
Read this stuff:
Wednesday: Balboa Park, 6:29AM. BE THERE!
Next Monday: La Jolla Cove
We’re kicking of August’s #MayhemMondays: BEACH Edition.  Come wake up the sun and spread your toes out in the sand.
COWORKERS: Bring your coworkers to the workout.  What better first time than at one of the most sought after beaches in San Diego. #freefitness #justshowup
Donation Jar:  flat black spray paint if you so desire #grassrootsgear
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