Monday’s are made for laying around….


Holiday, yes, do we still show up, yep, do we still work hard, fuck yeah!  That’s just it, no excuses, no sleeping in, it was about the hugs, the smiles, and the good vibes.  The crew was short some, but they were definitely full of something else,  I threw some tough, challenging, new items on the menu this morning, and they took each one and chewed it up, and spit it….well at me.

So after reading, New York City’s blog recently, about changing the world, I almost want to copy and paste it here.  Its real YYC, I mean take that blog, print it, hang it in your office, cubicle, bathroom, bedroom, and just get lost in those words.  I set out with a life goal, to be part of something bigger than me, well look at the things you stumble upon in your journey’s.  All of you reading this paragraph right now, are part of something bigger than you, and you have two things to do, #justshowup and #bekind to those around you, so simple, so real, authentic, honest, and inclusive.

Ok, some fun stuff….your co-leaders, Rally Car Pete, and Tammarathon, are officially dropping the tattoo verbal, spread those good vibes to those you care about, those you hardly know, and those you just ran into, the day this YYC crew hits 100, we hit the ink, and both get the November Project tattoo done immediately.  Pete is pumped for his first ink, so in the spirit of someone who has no idea, lets help him get there!

Calgary, you inspire me, you motivate us, you are fierce human beings, that are part of a world takeover!  Set those Wednesday alarms early, and get ready for things to get wild.


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