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Back in the day, we used to take photos in the memorial.


We soon upgraded to the top section of stairs.


Groups got bigger and things got weirder.


Things got SO big, that we had to move to the lower section of the steps.

10628895_294124984111339_4394017885605509661_o (1)

We’re now closing in on two years as a tribe. Unconfirmed news from several sources tell us that we were the fastest growing tribe, the fastest tribe, the fittest tribe, etc. etc. Lots has happened in the last two years. 

We started Fridays.


We started Mondays.


We brought on wildly loved leadership.

Photo by DOOSTER
Photo by DOOSTER


First things first. We’ve come a long way. YOU are helping to change a city. Change the way people view fitness, community, and life in general. It is YOU all that are throwing down killer smiles, hugs, and times week after week at NP and beyond. Continue to do that (doesn’t really need to be said).

We already hold a few records. Wisest NP member (91 years of experience). Fastest female 6k racer. Let’s go for more. Let’s get 1,000 people at a DC workout. Let’s get 1446 people at a DC workout (the record is 1445 by Boston). Let’s initiate a shift (possibly a #Mothershift?). Will DC be the next Mothership? Let the rumors fly. Let the recruitment begin. Maybe we’ll even give you some incentive (TBD). We can take a look back. See the awesome. Now let’s look ahead and create the even more awesome.


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