The Fast and the Furious (feat. NPSF)

This Thursday in the PM, NPSF brings you the first installment of the November Project Street Racing Series. Conceived by the who else but our main man, Brogan “Alley Cat” Graham, this race concept is fierce. This race is fun. This race is your city!

WHAT IS IT: We’re going to host a series of races throughout the alleyways of SF. They’ll be short (100m-ish). They’ll be quick. They’ll be frequent. The co-leaders call two people out. Those two people race. Winner goes forward to the next round.

Think Alley Cat racing…


Think Usain Bolt vs Asafa Powell…


Think each and every one of the Fast and the Furious movies…


WHERE IS IT: The streets and alleys of our city. We have narrowed down to two locations, the Mission and Chinatown. There will be three-ish alley raceways on the night, and we’ll run between each one. Location to be dropped on Wednesday in the event page.


Clarion Alley, the Mission


Chinatown SF


  1. Costumes. Think hipsters alley racing. Think street racers in the Fast and Furious. Your body is your canvas. Let’s see tattoos, tattoos and more tattoos.
  2. #GrassrootsGear
  3. Running shoes/trainers/running sandals (I refuse to call them tennis shoes)
  4. Cash and ID (for post-race sustenance)
  5. Do not forget your gameface!

WHERE DO WE REFUEL: Nearby bar. Location to be dropped on Wednesday in the Facebook event (Verbal for it!).

In other news, Alta Plaza Park. NP Wednesdays. 5:30 and 6:24AM. JUST SHOW UP. BRING A FRIEND. LOVE BURPEES.



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