Some of the Best (BAL)

“Wow. This was my first time, and these are some of the best people I have ever met in Baltimore.”

The above sentence is indeed real and it was indeed uttered this morning from the mouth of a newbie. She messaged the NP Facebook page yesterday, asking what it took to join. We gave the schpeel with the main theme of #justshowup. Because that’s what we are, that’s what we do. We can explain it to you all you want about how you will make friends, sweat, and have a killer time, but you won’t really know until you experience it for yourself. This newbie was ready and made her first verbal via message to us, without really knowing what it was.

“These are some of the best people I have ever met in Baltimore.” That’s a STRONG statement. I think that everyone that comes at 5:30 & 6:30AM WANTS to be there – you wouldn’t get out of bed otherwise. You have to want to be a part of the tribe as much as we want you to be a part of it. And I agree: these people I have met through NP simply ARE some of the best people I’ve met in this city.


But what if it were everyone? What if you took the joy you get from a Wednesday AM workout and brought it to your work, your job, you neighborhood (what if you actually got to know your neighbors?!?!), and recruited everyone you knew so that we can ALL be the best people in Baltimore? That you don’t have to come to NP to know some of the best people in Baltimore – that they would be around you every single day and we took a chance to notice it. To take the hugs of NP and bring it to our work. To take the smiles and high fives and bring them to the kids of our neighborhood. To take the intentionality and community we experience at NP and work to incorporate it into daily life everywhere?


November Project has brought my life an incredible amount of joy, an incredible amount of love and community. You are right – these are the best damn people I have ever met. But now I’m ready to meet more of them and make this city not some of the best but ALL of the best. Who’s with me? Who’s with this tribe? Let’s grow this thing to 300 and beyond. Let’s not stop at “good enough.”

You ARE the best. I adore you.



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