Rain Missed, Thunder Struck! (IND)

We dodged the impending rain this morning, but there was still PLENTY of thunder.  Our tribe showed up strong: that 5:28a group came to rock with only one newbie but lots and lots of regular Wednesday warriors; the 6:15a had a killer newbie showing (thanks for “Tom-Hale-ing” it up Maegen and whoever recruited Jacqueline and her carful).

The workout was inspired by the Bobbie’s Last Stand workout.  We held it down on the Southsiiiiiiide (“keeping it real” voice).
Four stations: 1. Situps, 2. Pushups, 3. Mountain climbers, 4. Burpees.
We split the tribe up between stations, then people threw down in one-on-one Paper, Scissors, Rock battles.  Winner did ten reps of whatever the workout was at the station they were at, then ran to the next station.  Loser ran up and down the stairs then reported back to the same station to try their hand (quite literally) at Paper, Scissors, Rock again.
Apparently no one ever won because we all essentially just ran steps the entire time . . . well, almost the entire time.
We polished off the workout with a nice bout of Thunderstruck.  The twist on the Thunderstruck post-workout workout was that instead of letting AC/DC hit the chords, I just yelled “THUNDER” every time it sounded like they should have . . . our speaker game was not the best this morning, but as the old saying goes, “When life gives you a lack of speakers, find someone whose life has given them a vehicle with Bluetooth or AUX compatibility and move the tribe down by that vehicle so they can sort of hear the song being played.” …it’s a very old saying.
  • Thanks A TON to Kris and newbies Jacqueline and Brittany for letting us use their cars as ultra expensive speakers; note: jumper cables are wonderful inventions.  Thank you Sam for playing the part of “Casey’s whistle” too!
  • Best of luck down in B-town, Teacher or should we say Student Jon.  Come back and visit often, and keep up that speed!


  • Great seeing Frank the Tank back and killing it at the workout; he’s recovered incredibly from that wreck.
  • Jaden, huge props for the continued support on the pics (and guilt-laden videos sent to a certain someone); the make-up Yearbook pics are already up on FB.
  • Shaw is currently listening to Thunderstruck on repeat and giving himself a lashing on each “Thunder”.
  • Summit is fast approaching . . . I’d say more, but I’ve opted myself out of the Summit loop and opted in to bar exam prep instead.  I’ll be essentially only nominally leading the rest of July as I prepare to tackle that thing.  Expect to see me each week still though.
Have a wonderful week everyone!
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