PR Day Almost Game Time

This picture says a lot.

First, our largest turn out to date !!!! Some new faces, some visitors (Winnipeggers and Denvernaters, Denverites, Denverers?) and of course the OG crew. It was such an awesome sight this morning coming up the stairs and seeing so many of you! (and all so punctual!) Thanks for taking on the challenge of 50 by end of summer. We are already almost there!!  Now extending invites to weird guy who makes too much noise at the gym, third/fourth cousins twice removed etc.

Second, you guys are really f***ing sweaty !!! One could say you guys worked your butts off this morning. That is what PR day is all about, seeing the results of all the hard work  you have put in the last month!! (which correlates to the serious arse kicking we are going to do at Summit !!)

Third, Andrew, don’t know what you are doing. I’m guessing it is suppose to represent how you guys all felt post work out??! Or is Karl’s face in this pic just that scary?!

Fourth, best looking (happiest member), Rilo! (Shaggy black thing in the right corner) <3 Furry friends always welcome.

Fifth, ENERGY! You can totally feel the energy of today in this pic, the work out high, the joy of being surrounding by some many awesome humans (and dog). Working out can be fun and can be done by all and that’s what we are about! You guys show that to us every week! We really do appreciate everything you give each week, even by #justshowingup! Anwaysssss just wanted to say I feel the love. And I love it!

  • Not pictured: PHIL !!! Thanks for making an appearance!! Baby steps to getting you to a full work out !! I know Brits are pretty confused and maybe still in shock right now and this appearance may relate some internal imbalance that caused you to wake up early, but fingers crossed its a recurrence !!



  • If you are going to Summit, check your email! Its almost ..GAME TIME. ( 6:30 ahahahha, I totally thought that was the answer too)

That’s all 🙂



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