Some News. Not Goodbye Yet. (SF)

This morning, following one of the greatest botched bounces I’ve ever created and our normal, crushing PR Wednesday, one Paddy O’Leary had a few words for the tribe.

He wasn’t telling us where Friday hills would be (Grant x California in Chinatown) or pumping up a trail race. He broke the news to the tribe that after 4(?!) years of leading, he’ll be stepping back to join the ranks of the tribe in a couple of weeks.

I can picture him up late last night just thinking about his moment this morning. Wondering what he’d say, formulating the sentences in his head. Naturally, when his time came this morning after the workout, his speech went something like this:

“Uh guys. One more announcement. Damn, it’s freaking cold. Ah Karl, you bollocks. Feels like home a bit. So after four years I’m stepping down from leading. It’s so cold. Is anyone else cold? Let’s take this picture and get some breakfast.”

I know he’s at home just kicking himself. Or at work just not able to pipette correctly. All because he can’t get over his speech today.

Well, Paddy there’s good news and bad news. Bad news is you’ll never get this morning back. Good news is that everyone at NPSF (and plenty of NP Oakland!) know how much you’ve meant to this group and this movement as a whole. You’ve inspired so many people here that watching you bungle through your address this morning only confirmed what we already knew about you: your actions speak louder than your accented words. Thank you for all you’ve meant to this community. Thank you for being so easy to poke fun at and such a good sport about it too.

If you know Paddy, have known Paddy, or would like to know Paddy (should be any human within 50 miles of SF), get your ass out to his last few workouts. They’re going to be insane. And probably a mess. Because that’s how he does it.

Friday Hills: Grant x California in Chinatown!

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