Giving Up Too Soon (YEG)

There were a couple moments on the stairs today when I am pretty certain that one or more tribe members wanted to swear at me. I am also pretty confident that this happens on a fairly regular basis. I don’t take it personally, I know that it is with love that you mutter profanities under your breath when I challenge you to push yourself, yell at you to keep moving, or give you heck for stopping for too long.

One of my goals, mission really, as a co-leader of our amazing tribe is to help each of you to push beyond perceived limits and achieve physical and or social goals that you otherwise felt were unachievable. These might be big audacious goals like completing a marathon or showing up every M-W-F for an entire year. These are also goals like double stepping one section of the lower bowl without slowing down near the top. Big, small, long term, short term…it doesn’t matter, it is my intention to help you hit those goals even if you don’t know that you want them yet 😉

This morning one of our tribe was running just in front of me and started super strong on the “up”…double stepping with intention. About 1/3 of the way up, he stopped and started single step walking. Nope, too early I thought to myself, and I strongly encouraged (may also be described as yelled) him to get back to his original pace and stayed on his heels until his doubled stepped his way to the top. “Don’t give up on yourself s0 early” was my departing message. I felt a little bad as he may have felt like puking as I imparted my “words of wisdom” but not so bad that when I next saw him going up I didn’t yell at him to push all the way because he’d already proven he could do it once. Sorry…not sorry.

How many times do you think you give up on yourself too early? What’s holding you back from two more strides, four more strides, getting to the top of the section/hill, running 11 km when you think you can only go 10 km? I’m guessing it’s nothing more than yourself getting in your own way. It’s time to move out of your own way & I am happy to be here to help remind you of that.

#justshowup 6AM

  • Friday – Walterdale Hill #hillsforbreakfast

Important Dates

  • Yearbook Photos: June 27
  • Old 96er dates: July 4 and August 29.

Until next time…SMILE! J

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