Soggy Circuits, Happy Humans (PHL)

Today was the poster child of snooze-button-mornings.  Cold, wet, foggy.  Beds are basically tempting you to stay put, catch 30 more minutes of sleep and sip coffee over Saved by the Bell reruns.  Is Jessie going to get into Stanford? Will A.C. Slater win states? Why does Zack Morris carry the coolest cell phone at Bayside High? Oh, because he’s Zack Morris.  Ok, I digress…though I do have a confession: today I hit the snooze button.  The alarm rang at 5:00 AM and bed was just too damn comfortable.  For a second, I almost regretted buying that down comforter and tempurpedic pillow…almost.  After peeling myself out of bed, I got to the Art Museum to do some circuits before the crowd arrived.  Admittedly the weather was so crappy I thought our showing would be weak.  Cold rain coming down at that uncomfortably slow/fast pace, a thick blanket of fog bearing down on the city — simply put, fugly.

However the Tribe did not disappoint.  In fact, they seldom do.  Over a hundred people came out, bright eyed with wide smiles ready to work.  We bounced, hugged and ran circuits.  Circuits involved 40 minutes of lunges, push-ups, ledge jumps, dips and sprints.  The workout this morning was not easy.  Everyone who showed up threw down and that’s all we can ask.  Great work this morning — not only for getting yourselves out of bed in less than ideal conditions but also for working hard and breathing positive vibes.  The Tribe is strong. Onward.


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