Irish Letter Voyage

GOOD MORNING San Francisco! To those of you who showed up, you have valiantly held on to your #WEATHERPROOF merit badge. Good work. To those of you who slept in, you missed out, and you missed out hard. Truth be told, it barely even rained this morning during the workout. Yes, the ground was wet, the field was muddy, and your run to the workout may have been soggy, but we actually saw some blue sky peak through by 7:15. For those that chose the comfort of a warm bed over a wet and wild morning with their friends, this is what you missed out on.


Boggle? Yep, Boggle. NPSF played another board game this morning and it rocked people’s socks off. 16 workout stations (count ’em, 16!) were placed around the park in roughly a square (4×4). Each station had a letter attached to it. In the middle of the park, you found the following:

Boggle (2)

This was your home base, and your master Boggle board. Players would take a moment to find a word they wanted to spell, and then run off to find the exercise station that corresponded to the first letter of that word. Let’s say you want to spell “ABLE.” Your first move is to run as fast as you are able (heh heh) towards to north-west corner of the park to find the “A” station. When you arrive, this is what you find:


BAM! There’s your “A.” Drop to the ground, do your 5 pushups, and head south-east from there to find the “B.” Finding each exercise station was a bit of a scavenger hunt, which added to the fun, but we also left a helpful map at home base.


And that’s it! 30 minutes on the clock, spell as many words as you can, winner gets a free pair of Sol Republic headphones. GO! When all was said and done, one talented NPSF-er had spelled 8 words! 8 WORDS! That’s at least 25 exercise stations, and a whole heck of running around. Good work, Leslie! Headphones coming your way!



Last but not least, we gave out the positivity award today to a solid dude who verballed for the entire month of November and kept his word. Mark Novinsky is fast, friendly, good looking, and pretty damn smart too. He’s an avid participant in Lillian’s #RUNGANG and is always encouraging people to #STORMTHEFORT with him on Mondays. Cheer up Mark, you earned it.


FRIDAY HILLS are at Twin Peaks. Meet at the top this time in the parking lot. 6:22am. A billion co-leaders will be in town for this. Don’t miss out.

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