Last week we heard your complaints about the concrete induced butt-cheek rashes. We heard them loud and clear. To redeem ourselves we scheduled a workout on soft, fresh cut, grass that just happened to be drenched in water, treated with high end sprinklers designed to intensify our workout session. Instead of booty-raspberries, our tribe got to slosh around in one of the most scenic areas of Boston as the sun was rising and turn to run home with wet asses, backs, and knees. A vivid reminder that we are alive and taking in this colorful, fun, real, and sometimes soaking wet world around us. And the next time your ass is wet and you’re feeling less than 100%, just sing along with this jam, we promise all your life’s sorrows will fade away.

As we mentioned this morning, this week is going to be action packed. On Wednesday we’re going for the personal best time for the full tour and the chance to win the PR Pizza trophy by Stone Hearth Pizza. Then on Friday morning we’re throwing down a fun team building workout in the hills of Brookline and then in the afternoon we’re racing in RaceMenu’s 5K road race where we’re looking to have massive NP presence. The $25 race registration fee is supporting Melanoma Foundation of New England so please come out an race for a good cause. This will also be your 2nd and last chance to get your #GrassrootsGear as we want all our runners to rock November Project across their chest as they’re crossing the finish line. Please sign up “under an existing team” known as the one and only “November Project.” We already have 20+ racers committed and hope to push the 100 mark. #JoinUs. Sunday evening we’re running, biking and drinking beers. The event is called #BetterThanBedtime. Its an assigned meeting point for runners and another meeting point for riders. We’ll all cut through town and make our way to the Harpoon Brewery where we’ll be hosted from 8-10PM in one of the private tasting rooms. There will be no workout on Monday due to the holiday. Details and RSVP here. Don’t miss this social, 21+, NP MEMBERS ONLY, gathering of tribesman and women in motion. #EarnYourBeers #HealthyCommuteToParty

Abby C
Alan S
Alberto O
Alissa M
Ally R
Amanda B
Amanda J
Amie L
Amy F
Andrew N
Andrew S
Anna P
Anthony D
Ashley G
Ashley S
Billy D
Brad Blake
Charlie M
Chris W
Christen M
Chuck L
Claire Wood
Dana K
Danielle DH
Derrick S
Dima F
Don Gothing
Doug B
Eddie F
Eli A
Elin F
Elise M
Emily N
Erin S
Eugene C
Evan D
Hannah B
Hillary B
Holden S
Isanel Smith
Jake M
Jake O
Jason M
Jess S
Jessica H
Jill S
Joey K
Justine L
Kate C
Kate K
Kathleen M
Kaylee M
Kevin D
Kreg P
Kristen S
Kristen R?
Lauren Kugel
Laura Mac
Lindsay S
Lou Harwood
Luis G
Luisa M
Lynn R
Marissa C
Marsha W
Matt ?
Matt C
Max G
Meaghan E
Meg Fox
Meg S
Morgan B
Nelson K
Nicole P
Nikki C
Patrick T
Phillip C
Rebs B
Sarah G
Sarah Moret
Sarah P
Seth P
Sophie O
Steve C
Steve D
Tania D
Tara C
Tessa H
Thomas VDL
Tim L
Todd V
Will M
Willaim D
Xiao Yu
Zack W
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6 Replies to “#SoggyBottomBoys”

  1. It was Brad B. I was sweating and trying not to wet the paper too much, which is probably why it looked like an R.

  2. I think I may have signed my friends in but not myself! Whoopsie!
    Lynn R (should have been in red pencil above Elin F and Will M near the top of a page…but anything is possible at 6:30am!)

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