What a morning NPSD, what a morning!  Let’s start with the simple breakdown:


-We showed up, like happy little kids on the first day of school

-We double-dutched in impressive fashion (who even needs jump ropes!)

-We woke Balboa Park and the sun with our booming chorus

-We circled a fountain and threw the fuck down

-We raced

-We laughed

-We sweat

-We hugged

-We took some of the best damn yearbook photos the world has ever seen

-We were together

-Our community is STRONG!


Some incredible things happened this morning.  Lululemon La Jolla came out, bearing a slew of awesome news.  Nick Isabella came out and took some unbelievable photos #pro.  170+ wild humans showed up to get fit for #FREE and help build one hell of a community.  But all of this was just icing on the cake for what really happened this morning…


November Project San Diego is NOT just a workout group.  The workouts will ALWAYS be free and ALWAYS be hard, no doubt, but I promise you, there is a whole lot more to it than that.  We set out just a few short weeks ago with a mission to bring 200 like-minded people together on a single Wednesday morning in Balboa Park.  You all rose to the occasion and recruited like crazy.  You blew up the social media feeds.  You hassled your co-workers, girlfriends, family members, mailmen, baristas, grocery clerks, and random people running in the park.  You got hyped, and you rose to the occasion.  You wanted to reach this goal, not for the number, not for the bragging rights, not even for the massive group photo (which was rad!).  You rose to the occasion because you see the value in what November Project has to offer.  You’ve seen, you’ve felt, how good this movement can be, and you want the world to know.  More people means more smiling faces, more training partners, more friends, more connections, and more fuck yeah’s.  You’re not selfish, your generous and selfless.  You don’t want NP all for yourself, you want to share it with the world.

So here is the deal:  You can show up, get in a killer workout, and go home.  You can attend that same workout, share some laughs, and interact with some pretty cool people.  Or you could show up, meet the love of your life, create incredible friendships, make the connections to start the career you’ve always wanted, and truly use the resources NP provides to better your life.  Either way, we want you to keep showing up; because no matter you intention or involvement, we value your place in our tribe.  Just know, opportunity sits before you, and if you feel so inclined, seize it!

With much love and overwhelming gratitude,

Be Bright NPSD!



If you were able to make it this far, listen up!

NEW MEMBERS:  You fucking rock!  We loved seeing your fresh, hesitant, excited, confused, nervous, happy faces bounce along with the rest of us.  Our doors are always open, and our membership will always be free.  Keep coming back, and we’ll keep being psyched to see you!

Veterans and everyone in between:  We love you.  You make this movement possible.  You make our city, our world, a whole lot better, more accepting, positive, and bright!

#MayhemMonday’s: Back to School EditionWaterfront Park Playground 6:29AM

#SoCalRollCall:  SUCCESS!  Excellent work everyone!

#YearbookPhotos:  Will be rolling out soon.  Keep an eye out!

#raceeverything:  Send good vibes to our co-leaders, Ashleigh and Angelo, on their half-ironman and marathon this weekend, Nick, our famed photographer, on his ironman, and all of the other hard working members of the tribe taking it to the race course this weekend.  Get it!!



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