Where Do I Start?!



We promised big stuff this morning and I think we delivered!  First things first, (I’m the realest), today’s workout is legit one of the toughest we do.  We had multiple pukers today which is a badge of honour for Commonwealth and a great way to end of the Season of Light in our beloved stadium.  Good work today, everyone!

Second.  We are changing venues starting NEXT week.  Back to the Royal Glenora Stairs on Wednesdays and moving permanently to our field trip hill on Fridays, the newly paved and lit Walterdale hill.  You will park in the Kinsmen parking lot which is easy as well.

Third and most important we introduced Tyler Sullivan as a new leader for November Project Canada this morning.  If you have been around the tribe for a few workouts you probably noticed the super fast, long haired and smiley guy flying past you in the workouts.  Tyler has been with the tribe for 2 years and is everything we look for in this free fitness movement.  Friendly, fast and just enough weird to be fucking awesome, he is going to bring so much good to what Jen and Nadim have worked so hard to build.  I am so stoked on just how strong this tribe is and how many amazing individuals have come into our lives through it!



Believe it or not, she actually started dating him after this romantic courtship.

Yearbook collage

Yearbook photos will drop very soon, stay tuned.  You all looked amazing!

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