(Ba-da-ba-ba-ba) I’m lovin’ it! (SEA)

A little birdy by the name of Lauren Padula (NPSD, what’s good?) once told me that there was going to come a day in the near future when I would wake up on Wednesday morning and simply would not want to get out of bed.  All the while, I was sitting there across the table flying high as a kite from that Wednesday’s workout thinking to myself, “yeah, maybe for you. I luh dis shit.”  Oh, how I was wrong.  That day that Lauren was talking about came quite a bit sooner than I thought it would.  This morning… I was tired.  I didn’t want to get out of bed.  However, I swung my feet to the floor and the rest was history.

Once I arrived and saw the 100+ (three weeks in a row, people) bodies make their way to the top of Kite Hill at Gas Works Park, I was quickly reminded how special this is.  Is it the silhouettes of the tribe before 6:29am, the hugs to get us started, the “fuck yeah’s” during the bounce, the high fives while passing a stranger on the path, or the steam coming off everyone’s heads as the workout winds down?  I can’t be certain, but whatever it is, I’m lovin’ it.  While this morning has been my biggest challenge, once I stepped foot into Gas Works Park, I couldn’t have been more energized to be with my people.  My tribe.

Sea Tribe 9.9

It’s inspiring to see new faces each week and I hope we can continue with that trend.  I really believe we’re just starting to catch our stride.  I think our numbers will increase, our energy will get stronger, our times will get faster, and most importantly, our sense of community will run deeper.  We have some awesome shit coming up and I hope to see each and every one of you in attendance as we continue to build something amazing in Seattle.  Let’s do it.  Together.

Thursday, September 10 – NP Seattle Gets Social

Come party it up with your fellow tribesmen and tribeswomen.  Indulge in libations and get to know the people you give sweaty hugs to every Wednesday.  If you or one of your friends has been thinking about coming to November Project but thinks we’re all a bunch of weirdos, bring them along too.  We’ll confirm that we are, in fact, a bunch of weirdos.

Wednesday, September 16 – #YearbookPhotos

Here we go, folks.  This is it.  We need all hands on deck for next week’s workout and photo shoot.  #JustShowUp and help to make our yearbook extra badass.  These things are going to be sure-fire profile pictures on Facebook, so make sure to look your best.

  • 6:29am at Gas Works Park
  • Theme: Business as Usual
  • Bring your friends.  All of them.
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