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I found November Project through Nike Run Club. I spent my whole life on sports teams and after leaving college, I felt alone without a team by my side. I started seeking out run clubs and, although I loved that I didn’t have to go on runs alone, I hadn’t found my people yet. I didn’t care if the person next to me had a good run that night or had a race coming up. And I didn’t know what I was missing out on by not caring.

After a run one night this guy told me I had to go to November Project the next morning. “I can’t really describe to you what it is,” he said. “It’s a run club kinda, but so much more. Trust me, you need to be there.” I showed up the next morning and fell in love immediately.

Starting the West LA tribe has been transformative for me and Tara because it’s given us the opportunity to catch hundreds of people experiencing the magic for the first time. People show up, and it’s instantly weird and amazing at the same time (we hope). Everyone’s hugging. There’s a lot of shouting. People are singing their names. There are so many high-fives! What the heck is a birthday bang? Why is everyone doing the wave?! These people are fucking nuts!

So now that we’re #oldnews as a November Project tribe, what keeps the momentum going? What keeps the magic alive and keeps the city of Los Angeles as describing us as “so much more than a run club”?

Brogan, the founder of November Project, challenged us to turn outward when he made us official, and now I’m going to challenge us to turn inward at the same time. Ask people about their PR Day goals and races they might have coming up. If someone seems a little off one morning, take it upon yourself to cheer for them extra hard and hug them a little tighter.

I’ve been on an Abby Wambach kick lately (pun always intended). Abby describes the moment immediately after a goal is scored as the moment that transforms individual athletes into a team. The ball hits the back of the net, and the team sprints toward the scorer in a mob of celebration. “You will not always be the goal scorer. And when you are not – you better be rushing toward her. Her victory is your victory.”

We are a tribe that works exceptionally hard in the time we have together every Wednesday. It has not gone unnoticed by visitors from other tribes, and it is an aspect of our tribe that makes me extremely proud. We are scoring hat tricks as far as I’m concerned – and now let’s take advantage of the fact that we aren’t scoring goals alone. I can’t wait to sprint toward each and every one of you as you check goals off your list. But the best part is, I know I’ll just be part of the mob.


-PR DAY TRACKER. Record results HERE and keep track of how you improve every month!

-6/23 TOUGH TOPANGA 10K! Facebook event HERE!

-#NPSUMMIT, November Project’s Annual gathering, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 9/14-16.
This is the BEST weekend of the year in the NP world, you don’t want to miss it!
DISCOUNT CODE: NP20 for 20% off!
GOOGLE DOC HERE (with all NP tribes) #logistics

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