So FRESH everything (DCA)

It is a new, fresh month. We started June with fresh tags on a fresh day, kicking off a fresh week. Anyone eating fresh Cava later? Anyone else recovering from rolling in fresh grass? No? Ok, cool.

Do you get it though? EVERYTHING is fresh this month! Today is the day to kick it up, drop the BOOM, start what you didn’t in May. June is the month of the SUNRISE 6k. It’s the month to BRING IT. Right now, are you thinking, “CRAP I didn’t know that this morning! Should I have done something different on the hills?” NAH Man. You are GOLDEN. You got your butt out of bed and ran hills. Hey, you probably even SPRINTED up a lot of parts of those hills. You are already bringing it to June like no body’s business. Watch out San Francisco June, we’re coming for ya.

Ok so, we’re fresh and we’re coming at June. But, 6k? Don’t people normally run like a 5k? Or a 10k? 17.75k? Not us, man, not us. We run a 6k.

We run a 6k BECAUSE:

– NO one else does.

– To test ourselves against ourselves.

– To race the tribe members next to us.

– To race the tribes from other brides.

– To give the stairs at Lincoln a break.

– To generously turn the Lincoln stairs over to all the 5 and 6am tourists, who knew!

– It’s more than a 5k. Like ONE FULL BADASS K more.

– Alliteration. Sunrise Six K. It’s all about the poetry.

– It’s an awesome stepping stone to your first or next 10k.

– It’s a chance to get out there and show yourself that your hard work and early mornings are making a difference.

– Did you have a better way to watch the sunrise on June 24th?





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