Butts, Biceps, and Burpees

So… With the Calgary Marathon yesterday, today’s workout started a day early for a handful of us. We met, we bounced, we ran, we hugged, laughed, talked and Cheered our lungs off for everyone coming through the finish line. Alot of PR’s were set that day, and alot of fun was had. With the sun out and endorphin’s running high, Patio Beers and Sushi were on call!…snap forward to this morning…….

I pull into the parking lot, I see bright colors at the bottom of the stairs, Jump out, I can hear some familiar laughs and some new ones as I lock up the car. As I get closer I see the friendly faces of the people I love and a ton of new faces, smiling, wondering “what is going to happen next, who are these crazy people, its to early for this… but I’m glad I came.” The bounce starts, energy high, time to hit those stairs!

Today was a good day. Today hurt more than most days. Today, everyone here made it easier to want to crush that next set even though we knew it would hurt at the top…but that is why we are here. That is why we woke up. and when you are sitting at work later today, you will be wishing you could be outside getting that next set in.

See you all on Wednesday. Back at Millennium park. back to see all my friends again.

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